Othwic, Maud Balliol, Jarl The Lame, Hob The Bastard, Konrad, Alys and Baine
Current Date: May, 1012TR


Age: 15
Height: 4'11"
Class: Magician

STR: 13
CON: 15
DEX: 11
INT: 15
WIS: 6
CHA: 12

Level: 1
HP: 7
AC: 12
ST: 15
Hero Points: 5

Alcohol Level: 4
Living Expenses: 10gp/week

The Story Of Maud Balliol:
"Bring wine and some food to your best private parlour... You don't have a parlour. Then I'll sit there, by the fire... Well tell them to sit elsewhere. Can't you see I'm cold and hungry?
"The bill? Send it to the castle... oh. Well I'll pay now then. How much? Is that all? I suppose one doesn't expect fine dining in a place like this. So long as it's hot. What? Why do you need to know... I'm Maud Balliol. Oh you have heard of me. No, I'm not his assistant, I'm Master Greyjoy's apprentice. There's a difference. Be quick with that wine, or I'll turn you into a frog."
Underneath her bluster, Maud Balliol is a frightened girl of 15. Two months ago she arrived at the castle as an adopted daughter in the Ravenmoon family (her family have taken on one of the Ravenmoon cousins in exchange).

Her interest in and aptitude for magic was discovered when she was caught searching Master Greyjoy's rooms. He was more amused than offended and, with permission from her father,
took her on as an apprentice. Maud has taken full advantage of his attention and absorbed magical knowledge at an impressive rate.

Last week, however, she sneaked into Master Greyjoy's secret room (it's behind the stuffed bear, and is common knowledge among the castle's children who go there for dares) where she saw something which, as a bookish and imaginative magic user, terrified her. He was worshipping - naked - before a shrine to The Great God T'Ao.

Recoiling in horror, she upset a flask of alchemical ingredients. Master Greyjoy quickly covered himself and explained that he was doing some... research. He has told her that she must pay for the ingredients -- 400 gold pieces.

Maud then tried to expunge the horrid sight from her memory with a (stolen) spell, but it affected her sanity. When it's quiet, she swears she can hear whispering, and T'Ao's symbol appeared in her porridge just this morning. She is avoiding Master Greyjoy, and is keen to escape from his tutorlege as soon as possible.

In Maud's Spellbook:

1st Order Spells:
  • Cure Light Wounds (white)
  • Divination (grey)
  • Shield (white)

2nd Order Spells:
  • Continual Light (white)
Maud's spellbook, given her by Greyjoy, measures 18" by 12", has vellum pages and a cover that Greyjoy claims is the hide of a griffin. The book has 80 pages and is 7" thick. It weighs 8.5lbs, but has enough room to contain 24 spells of first to third order (or 16 spells of fourth to six order; or eight higher order spells or rituals).

Maud's horse:

MYTHRA’S PRIDE: a palamino (light brown), with a narrow stripe down its face, gray eyes and no other markings (“pure colour”), has short white pastern socks (just up to first ankle joint above the hoof) and a brown tail [Broken-down, HD 2, HP: 6, AC: 12, Move: 13.5, Carrying Capacity: halved] 

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