Othwic, Maud Balliol, Jarl The Lame, Hob The Bastard, Konrad, Alys and Baine
Current Date: May, 1012TR


: 18
Height: 5'8"
Class: Thief

STR: 7
DEX: 15
CON: 9
INT: 15
WIS: 7
CHA: 15

Level: 1
HP: 7
AC: 15
ST: 14
Hero Points: 3

Alcohol Level: 2
Weekly Expenses: 8gp

The Story Of Alys:

Alys was born in Kaerlud to Edda, a whore and a  thief. Alys does not know who her father is nor does her mother (Alys assumes). Frankly, she is rather indifferent to her parentage anyway.

Edda came originally from the western town of Coggershall, but ran away nearly two decades ago when she discovered she was pregnant (with Alys).

Leaving her aged father, the widower Devyn, she set out across country - taking the secret of her child's father with her... and, as it turned out, to the grave.

Alys grew up in the rough, impoverished quarter of the capitol, in a particularly deprived area known as Mercenary Alley.

Alys was sold by her mother to one of the city's major crime families - the Hoods - as an apprentice to work off a debt her mother had incurred in some sort of unsavoury transaction. Edda died soon after from consumption.

Alys was mentored by Acwel the Shiv.

Her best friend and childhood sweetheart was an apprentice thief named Eadwyn, unfortunately Eadwyn belonged to a rival crime family, the Yurts, and eventually fell in with the Mercenary Alley gang, which was one of many territorial gangs within the city and the strong-arm of the Yurts' criminal empire.
Alys was also a favourite of the "instructors" as she was a natural talent and would often get the best jobs, which increased the Mercenary Alley gang's dislike of her.

Alys preferred her own company - or that of Eadwyn - which caused much friction between her and the Mercenary Alley gang, during a period of enforced peace between the Yurts and the Hoods.

The Mercenary Alley gang is led by Dreng, the son of the Yurts' headman, Sarlic the Cunning. Dreng is always accompanied by two of his gang members, Garr and Isen.

One day Eadwyn was found murdered - although no-one seems to know why or who did it.

Devyn The Herb
Heart-broken, Alys fled Kearlud, and her wanderings eventually brought her to  Coggershall where she has fallen in with a group of local ne-er-do-wells that she believes may be of use to her in gaining revenge for Eadwyn's murder.

She has come to Coggershall as that is the town from whence her mother fled at a very early age and where Alys has now found a (temporary?) home with her aged grandpa: Devyn The Herb.

A fieldworker in his twilight years, Devyn has always been a popular figure among the peasant folk for his knowledge of plants and herbs, and his ability to create tinctures, poultices etc to ease the various aches and pains that are part and parcel of a serf's hard life.

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