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Current Date: May, 1012TR

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Baron's Ward Spotted Mingling With Peasants...

The Baron's pretty, young ward, Maud Balliol has been spotted in the vicinity of The Rising Sun... and even conversing occasionally with commoners.

Thankfully, Othwic -  son of the late Othwade, the highly respected Chief Forester of Darkling Wood - has usually been around to ward off the unwanted attentions of well-known local fornicator Konrad who calls himself "The Barbarian".

It is unknown why the 15-year-old Maud, the rumoured acolyte of the town mage Greyjoy, is seeking the company of such low-born fellows.

Perhaps he has tasked her with retrieving some rare herbs or other components for his magics and she is looking to hire some suitably brutish guards to escort her into the wilderness?


Clare Law said...

Yes... herbs. That's right, I am in search of special herbs for Master Greyjoy. Herbs and 400 gold.

And who is this Konrad of whom you speak? Do tell. He sounds fascinating.

Tim Knight said...

Stay away from Konrad... he'll only get you in trouble ;)

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