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Monday, 30 January 2012

The Baron Is Not Pleased!

May 9, 1012TR

Baron Tiberius
"What do you mean 'you can't find her'?" Baron Tiberius growled at the sobbing maid, who his daughter Sabrina was trying to comfort. "Somebody must know where she has gotten to - if not my daughter or her maid, then who? Greyjoy, any magical insights?"

The wily castellan stepped out of the shadows of the great hall, slowly shaking his head. "Maud Balliol is a factious child, my lord, we knew that from day one..."

"This must be kept quiet," the baron cut in over his old friend. "Her father must not hear of this. She has been with us less than three months and we have lost her already? Wars have been fought for less and I don't fancy crossing swords with Baron Balliol and his Valyard allies with my sons still off in Delos."

There was silence in the room, except for the sobbing of the chastised maid, as the baron leant back in his chair, steepled his fingers and pondered the predicament of the missing 15-year-old.

Then he spoke: "Call Sir Gevan to me, I will send him out after her. He will be discreet. Greyjoy, go into the town and find me a new maid..."

Turning to the already tearful woman in the hall at her audible gasp, the baron tried to adopt a more conciliatory tone as he leaned towards her.

"Have no fear, my dear, you are not being replaced. I realise I was probably asking too much when I charged with caring for both my daughter and this troublesome new arrival. Sabrina has often spoken highly of you in the past, and I see she still cares strongly for, so I seek a second maid to be responsible purely for the whereabouts and well-being of Miss Balliol."

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