Othwic, Maud Balliol, Jarl The Lame, Hob The Bastard, Konrad, Alys and Baine
Current Date: May, 1012TR

Thursday, 8 December 2011

New Faces In Coggershall...

A pair of new faces have been spotted around Coggershall these last few weeks, attracting the attention of Constable Skipwyth and the town watch.

One is a tall, surly outlander who calls himself Fane or Bane or something and apparently fancies himself heir apparent to the legendary Nightreaver,  the Teklish folk hero renowned for his many victories over the Malte Volke several centuries ago.

It's thought this character comes from the borderlands in Cenred's barony, possibly one of the outlying settlements that has suffered from Malte Volke incursions.

The other arrival is a shy girl who answers to the name of Alys.

Although clearly a commoner, she speaks with a Valoise accent and carries herself as though she comes from the capitol, Kaerlud.

Both these new arrivals have been seen in, and around, The Rising Sun and in the company of known ne'er-do-wells such as Hob The Bastard, Jarl The Lame, Konrad The Barbarian and Othwic of Darkling Wood.

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