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Current Date: May, 1012TR

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Chapter 13: Smiting Sigyfel!

Brave adventurers Norfel the fighter, Foden the cleric and Yves the elf were approached at the Borderlands Inn in Larm by the son of Mayor Caius who explained that his father might have a job for them.

The mayor told them about a farmer who had been scared to death near the ancient tomb of cursed warlock Sigyfel and requested that our heroes recruit a band of men to sack the tomb and root out any evil that lurked within.

Having hired, and equipped, three local men-at-arms Churchill, Boggins and Erak, the adventurers hiked to the barrow where Sigyfel was said to be buried.

They camped outside before venturing down underground the next day... and almost immediately walked into a trap of scything blades, which wounded Churchill quite badly.

Their exploration continued into the darkened, subterranean corridors. The group methodically and slowly made their way down the central passageway of the tomb - hearing orcs down beyond the furthest bend.

That corridor the group blocked with broken wood and scraps they had found earlier, but then they advanced into a room of broken sarcophagi and were surprised by the sudden emergence of half-a-dozen skeletons.

However, without hesitation, the pious Foden strode forward and drove the creatures back until they shattered themselves on the far wall of their crypt in a bid to escape him.

In another corridor, where heavy velvet curtains concealed small side alcoves, Yves said off a trap by stepping into one of the alcoves and bringing the ceiling down - luckily she was nimble enough to dodge it.

Beyond that passageway though was a huge room, with three grotesque and obscene demonic statues standing vigil over an ornate, sealed sarcophagus. Tentatively the group prowled the edges of the room before Yves and Churchill had the courage to approach the stone coffin and, eventually, move its lid so they could see what was within.

As they did so, a powerful, clawed arm darted out of the sarcophagus, grabbed Churchill around the throat and smashed his head against the lid - knocking him unconscious - as a hideous ghoulish creature (the archmage Sigyfel returned from the afterlife by the dark forces he worshipped) arose.

The ghoul slashed at Yves and Foden, knocking the elf unconscious and rendering the cleric paralysed with it toxic venom.

Boggins was felled and Erak turned tail and ran, but heroic Norfel - who had considered running - having snapped his bowstring, lashed out with a lit lantern, dousing the ghoul in flaming oil. The creature screamed its hideous death wail and collapsed.

Norfel, having defeated the ghoul, slowly dragged his colleagues, two at a time, back towards their encampment and after about an hour of this activity those that had been infected by the ghoul's touch were beginning to recover, while the injured still needed some care.

The group camped outside the barrow for another couple of days before deciding to head back to Larm, where they were greeted like heroes and feted by the mayor.

After a a couple more days of rest, and having hired a couple of Churchill's friends - Devor and Caspa - the group returned to the tomb, only to find signs of activity.

They carefully ventured back inside and just as Yves was liberating a large gem and magical dagger from Sigyfel's sarcophagus, Churchill and Norfel - at the back of the party - were set upon by a pair of orcs and a shadowy humanoid. However, although the orcs wounded both of the rear guard, they were felled quickly and the cloaked man fled; Norfel tried to put an arrow in him before he disappeared from sight (out of the tomb) but missed.

Searching the rest of the tomb, the group found nothing of interest and returned to Larm.

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