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Current Date: May, 1012TR

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Chapter 12: The Harder They Come...

Feuding elfish cousins, Eritbanner Dreamtongue and Bardcarver Windweasle, joined with dwarvish tough guy Bostock Clevehand, to tackled the dreaded White Rabbit Castle.

The elves had been drawn there by a magical map, which led to an unknown prize in the lands beyond the castle, under the cloud of the Fist Of T'Ao. They met Bostock, a relative of the village smith, in Larm and decided to try their luck in the dungeons of the castle.

At first much seemed desserted, with signs of past battles and former occupation. They discovered interesting religious murals - which suggested their goal lasy to the south - and a small, ancient library, outside of which they held off an attack by a tribe of orcs they had disturbed earlier.

Bostock slew the leader of the orcs and his followers fled in fear. Bardcarver recovered from the orc the magical sword Wavecleaver, which had previously belonged to the 'outlander' Clodius (not that she knew this fact, of course).

Soon after they managed to avoid an entanglement with a gelantinous cube that had seeminly trapped them in a dead end, by the clever use of a 'teleporting statue' which transported them back to a part of the dungeon they had earlier explored.

Their explorations next took them back south in the dungeon, where they discovered a nest of goblins. Uncertain of what tactics to use they stormed the room and Dreamtongue brought the creatures down with a powerful sleep spell.

Bardclever declared the goblins 'vermin' and said the only thing to do was now slaughter them.

Unfortunately, having done this and just as they searching and moving the bodies, another party of goblins streamed out from a door into the room and - outnumbering our heroes two-to-one - quickly overpowered them.

The two elves fell in the first moments of combat, but then Bostock managed to hold the creatures at bay with some brave posturing and waving of the orc leader's severed head (he was a trophy hunter, but only claimed the heads of creatures he had personally slain).

Confused, and slightly shaken, the goblin began to back away - which would have allowed the dwarf to save his unconscious colleague - but then the impulsive Bostock launched an attack at one of the goblins and was last seen disappearing under a mound of angry, stabbing goblins.

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