Othwic, Maud Balliol, Jarl The Lame, Hob The Bastard, Konrad, Alys and Baine
Current Date: May, 1012TR

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Chapter 10: Green Slime Claims A Victim...

Having spent a week recovering back in Larm, Sister FitzRovia, Wu Bao and Bernard decided to return to White Rabbit Castle.

However, first the priestess used her considerable charms to employ two strapping northerners - Beowulf and Churchill - to be torchbearers and muscle for the party; for the princely sum of three gold pieces a day and an extra gold piece per orc slain.

An elaborate plan was concocted to draw the orc guardians out of their gatehouse, but after Beowulf and Churchill had set light to the abandoned castle stables and stores, it became clear that there actually no orcs in the castle... at least not above ground.

The party explored the apparently abandoned castle more thoroughly, eventually making their way to the main fortress at the northern end, where they discovered a strange bedroom. Although the drapes on the walls were crumbling with age, the four-poster bed was remarkably well preserved. Unfortunately when Wu Bao tried to see if anything was hidden underneath he was flung backwards by a magical electrical force and the party decided to leave this room for the moment.

Eventually, Wu Bao led them down spiral stairs that led underground, but at the bottom the steps they discovered a makeshift barricade had been erected with the heads of Wu Bao's fallen colleagues along the top on spikes. Half-a-dozen kobolds hid behind the barricade with spears, jearing and taunting the adventurers.

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, and lengthy discussions back on the surface, our heroes decided to storm the barricade, managing to set it alight with flaming arrows and throwing handfuls of silver pieces over the top to try and distract the kobolds. Much to everyone's surprise and amazement, the kobolds picked up the money and ran... giving time for the heroes to pull apart the barrier, light some torches and begin their fast exploration of the underworld.

The party's initial tactic was to keep heading south, through a large room of pillars and another room with a large oak table with a relief map of the area around the castle carved ornately into its surface. They heard a gaggle of goblins behind a door and decided to leave well enough alone, but then found a damp room coated in mold.

It was trying to cross this room that Beowulf the hireling fell victim to a green slime which dropped on him from the ceiling. The party pretty much freaked - with Churchill yelling: "Do something, do something!" - and considered various options for dragging the screaming, slime-coated man out. Sadly, by the time they figured that fire was only way to defeat the slime, Beowulf had been completely consumed and their victory over the creature felt rather hollow.

Sister FitzRovia swiftly doubled Churchill's salary to keep him on side and the exploration continued.

In a circular room, they encountered a giant statue of a squatting ape, wearing a fez and holding out a cup. Sister FitzRovia impulsively threw a coin in to the cup and promptly disappeared. The others thought about this for a moment, made sure everyone had a gold coin, then followed suit.

Everyone "rematerialised" in a near identical room (somewhere else in the dungeon) and as they started to map their way around they were charged by a pair of orcs.

Bernard was run through by a broadsword, before Sister FitzRovia stepped in and flattened one of the orcs, while Wu Bao engaged the other in a slightly longer melee. That orc lost confidence when his comrade fell, but as he turned to flee, Wu Bao smashed him squarely in the back with his hammer and brought the orc down.

Looking around, the still conscious members of the party realised they were actually back in the original corridor they had come down, so FitzRovia and Churchill carried Bernard back out to the surface.

It was then decided they should head back to Larm to recuperate and plan their next assault on White Rabbit Castle.
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