Othwic, Maud Balliol, Jarl The Lame, Hob The Bastard, Konrad, Alys and Baine
Current Date: May, 1012TR

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Interlude And Aftermath...

The town of Portown was almost razed to the ground, barring the tavern, during the great Battle Of Portown.

The once proud fishing community has now transformed into a small tented community huddled around The Green Dragon. A few families have actually taken to living in the inn at the moment.

Funeral services were held for the dead - including Lemunda - and memorials for the missing - including Feng Ying. People have started to trickle in from outlying communuties to aid with the restoration of the fishing town.

While going through Lemunda's possessions, to see what should be buried with her, Red discovered a partial fragment of a map.

It showed a section of the route west to the border town of Grosker in the neighboring kingdom of Sudland, with an interesting note pointing to an off-road site marked: BEWARE HIGH MAGIC. Next to this, in a different hand, was written HIGH MAGIC = BIG REWARD.

The treasure hunters in the group declared: "How better to remember the fallen, than to investigate this site?"

During this time of reconstruction and mourning, outsiders and drifters came through the town, either to help or hinder, and among these stragglers was a dwarvish wanderer from the Deng Fang mountains, by the name of Wu Bao, who said he was an old "drinking partner" of Feng Ying...

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