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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Chapter Four: Return To The Portown Tunnels...

Gregor, Feng Ying, Clodius and Lemunda returned to the Portown Tunnels around mid-day on 19 Jester 3208 to further explore the catacombs under the old town on the top of the cliffs.

Having discovered a bloody patch outside a door, and a severed finger, they deduced that the room beyond could be approached from two directions at once. Feng Ying, who heard sounds of two creatures inside, and Clodius entered the room from one side while Gregor and Lemunda went in from the other.

The two-pronged attack caught the pair of feeding ghouls munching on a human arm (later, the adventurers realised it was Magoo's former bodyguard's arm) and a bloody battle ensued, which saw Gregor and Billy the Badger felled by the ghoul's poisonous touch and Lemunda nearly cleared when one of the flesh-eaters tore open her neck and caused blood to spray across the room.

The ghoul's were eventually defeated and Gregor recovered enough to staunch Lemunda's bleeding and feed her a handful of magic berries to get her back on her feet.

The explorers became more cautious after that and discovering a vast room with more stone coffins in decided to tip-toe across, ignoring the collapsed northern wall that was clearly riddled with the warrens of giant rats... or maybe something worse.

Their methodical exploration eventually led to a room where the ceiling disappeared into a tunnel of spider's webs and, despite their best attempts to be stealthy, when Feng Ying tried to dart across to a door on the eastern wall he was attacked by the biggest spider they had ever seen.

Feng Ying fled back to the party who managed to drive the spider off with missiles. Feng Ying then bolted for the door again, made it and discovered it led down a short corridor to another door through which he could hear "lots" of goblins.

Having communicated this to the party, he tried to make a run for the southern door in the room and was pinned down by the spider dropping on him again; this time injecting him with posion - despite his heroic efforts to wriggle away.

Thankfully, before the spider could wrap him up and take him away as a packed lunch, the rest of the party jumped in and battered the creature to paste.

Gregor managed to soothe Feng Ying's twitching and gibbering with some 'magical' water, but the party realised that with Feng Ying delirious and Lemunda still weakened from the vicious wound on her neck, it was probably a good idea to retreat.

They managed to pick their way out of the dungeon without further incident and headed back to the Green Dragon for more rest and recuperation.

Feng Ying recovered after a couple of hours of bed rest, but the group decided to wait another week before deciding what to do - and to give Lemunda a chance to recover.

And, hopefully, Red would have returned by then...

Friday, 7 November 2008


A full (nine-day) week has passed since the adventurers returned bloodied, but victorious, from their first expedition into the Portown Tunnels.

Feng Ying spent the time in bed recuperating, healing, meditating etc

Red, accompanied by Lemunda, headed off into the surrounding countryside, looking for clues about the mysterious mage who claimed to be Zenopus.

On the fifth day, as Red and Lemunda were preparing to start heading back to Portown and The Green Dragon, they came across an isolated farmstead.

There they got chatting with the farmer who told of a ragged looking man who had stopped there several weeks earlier - matching the description of "Zenopus", but he had called himself "Magoo The Magnificent" and had entertained them with conjuring tricks in exchange for some food and a bed for the night.

The farmer had spun tales of local folklore in return as they all sat round the fire that night (including the legendary treasures lost in the Portown Tunnels under the tower of Zenopus).

Come the morning, the man was gone and the farmer found his daughter sobbing, as this Magoo had seduced her, had his way with her and then slipped away just before dawn. The farmer and his wife beg Red and Lemunda to find this wicked man and teach him a lesson.

On the first morning after their return, Clodius discovered Faith The Donkey wandering around the village green - bereft of her saddle and any equipment that had been left on her, but otherwise alive and unharmed.

The rest of week passed for him in a cloud of mead fumes, hangovers and swopping outlandish stories with the locals. For a backward fishing community they are surprisingly chatty and have opinions on pretty much everything.

Gregor used the week to commune with nature and research some new druidic enchantments. He also proved a big hit with the children of the village, who were very intrigued by his pet badger, Billy.

Feng Ying, now fully recovered, is keen to get back to the Portown Tunnels and Clodius argues that they hardly saw any treasure and there must be more down there. Gregor and Lemunda, also, are keen to return underground.

Only Red is more interested in pursuing his quarry - Magoo - and so the party agree to divide for a while so he can head inland and try to bring the wizard to justice, while the others send trinkets and baubles (and maybe a chance to bash some more heads in) in the dungeons under the ruins of Zenopus' tower.
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