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Current Date: May, 1012TR

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Chapter Three: The Portown Tunnels and The Phony Fakir...

Our heroes freed the young warrior-woman, Lemunda, from her bonds and started to search the dead pirates for loot when they spotted four more jolly boats heading towards the shore.

Standing in the prow of the lead boat was a fierce looking woman that the adventurers would later learn was Elean Starlight, daughter of the Queen of Zenn and mistress of the Sea Witch, the notorious pirate ship which has been operating in the waters around Portown.

Seeing they were outnumbered about three-to-one, even with Lemunda in their ranks, our heroes decided to beat a hasty retreat and headed back into the tunnels.

Clodius heard Elean speaking Zenn and presumed that the male pirates were thus slaves - an assumption that could have cost the party dearly. Clodius tried to stir the 'slaves' to revolt, but instead attracted Elean's interest - leading to a confrontation across the river that flowed through the adjoining caves.

Elean called on Gregor, as the nominated leader of the party, to hand over escaped slave Clodius and Lemunda, but after a short period of negotiations Gregor decided that "running away" was the only option and the party fled into the darkness - heading towards the base of the tower they had discovered earlier.

This tower was where they were supposed to meet Zenopus and hand back his treasure for a "finder's fee".

At the base of the tower Gregor was prepared for the giant snake and cleaved it in twain as it sprung at him. But then the party realised that Faith the donkey wouldn't be able to get up the spiral staircase, so left her and dragged the two chests of treasure they had retrieved from the beach up to an abandoned kitchen area in the tower.

Red used a crossbow bolt to secure the hatch, then the group ran up to the final level of the tower - an abandoned study - from where a ramp led down, out in to the old ruined city, to a cart that Zenopus was loading. His pet ape was already secure in the back.

Hearing of the pursuing pirates, Zenopus urged the group to take 100 gold coins for their troubles and let him get on his way to his sanctuary.

But Red began to smell a rat. Why was Zenopus so scared of the pirates if he was a mighty wizard?

Feng Ying snuck into the wagon and discovered, hidden under some cloth, the sword and belt of Teffle... who was nowhere to be seen. Zenopus claimed he was off "exploring".

As the pirates battered more heavily on the trapdoor, Zenopus tried to make his escape in the wagon - telling the party they could keep the treasure. Feng Ying jumped out the back with the belt and sword, without Zenopus seeing, but Red swung up his crossbow and put a bolt in the wizard's arm.

The injured wizard and his cart started to make their getaway and Red gave chase, dragging Feng Ying with him - with the idea that when they were close enough he would throw the gnome into the back of the cart.

But as they were running after the cart, the great ape somehow got free and bounded out of the back of the cart and barrelled into them. Red managed to deflect the charge, but instead of tossing the gnome into the cart, he swung right round and slapped Feng Ying onto the back of the ape.

Lemunda, wielding an old pirate sword, came to their aid. Red disentangled himself from the ape and continued chasing after the escaping wizard. Despite landing several good blows, Feng Ying took a severe mauling from the ape who trashed about violently, dislodging the small green man and then jumping on him before Clodius could wade in and deliver a killing blow.

Red's pursuit of the wizard ultimately proved futile - and painful as he took a couple of "magic missile" bolts to the chest - and the wizard managed to disappear out of the ruined city and into the surrounding woods.

In the meantime, Gregor had been sitting on the two chests, on the trapdoor, keeping the pirates out. The others eventually collected rocks and stones from the ruined city and piled them on the trapdoor, so they could take the treasure chests back down the hill to Portown.

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