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Friday, 12 September 2008

Prelude 3: Origin Stories...Gregor

Man-mountain is one way to describe Gregor! Large and imposing, hard and resolute, thunderously loud and aggressive like a storm in the mountains, quiet and gentle like the summer breeze in dense highland valleys.

Pale skinned with a crop of short red hair standing 6’8” tall and wide as an ox. Many parts of the blue-blooded behemoth are covered in blue tattoos of the nature lore he was brought up with.

Gregor hails from the colder temperate lands of Tekralh. Raised by his human grandparents after being abandoned by his mother at an early age (shamed of the unspoken union), Gregor learnt about nature’s way – its power, its cruelty and its beauty.

The clan of Cragnathic soon accepted Gregor and by his sixteenth year he had competed in the regional games at both a physical and spiritual level, champion in all.

Mentored by his paternal grandfather, high druid of Cragnathic, Gregor has undertaken a 10-year journey to explore strange new lands, seek out new lore, flora and fauna – above, on and below this world.

Accompanied by Billy, his faithful badger, Gregor optimistically sets out on a fresh adventure. Friend for life, enemy forever - just don’t piss him off!

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