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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Chapter Two: The Portown Tunnels And The Battle On The Beach...

Back at The Green Dragon Inn in Portown, Red The Ranger awoke to discover - very amusingly - that the rest of the party had left for the dungeon without him. However, it didn't take him long to discover the trail of donkey droppings through the underground corridors that led towards his fellow adventurers.

On the way, he was met by the fighter Teffle, bodyguard of Zenopus, who asked him to pass on the message that his master had decided to take the group up on their offer of assistance.

Red found his colleagues in the next room and after much debate they decided to find out what Zenopus had to offer.

The adventurers returned to the room where they had first met the wizard and he explained that pirates were using the caves at the edge of his underground lair as their base and they had stolen some of his treasure. The 'heroes' negotiated to retrieve it for a 10 per cent cut.

Zenopus pointed them in the general direction and asked them to bring the treasure back to his tower.

Heading through the corridors, the adventurers managed to tangle with a giant snake at the bottom of Zenopus' tower, discover a raging underground river, have a scuffle with a giant crab on the banks of said river (Clodius hit it with his lantern - the groups' only light source, then Feng Ying quite spectacularly managed to flip it onto its back and crack it open before Gregor delivered the coup de grĂ¢ce).

The fight with the crab alerted the pirates in the adjacent cavern, which opened out to the sea, and a major fight ensued as the two groups clashed.

Our heroes were virtually falling over themselves to get into the scrap.

Then when there was only one pirate left (guarding their two jolly boats further up the beach) Red engaged him in furious man-to-man combat - having brought him down with a thrown spear.

The two fought furiously in the bottom of one of the boats, Red losing his dagger when it got stuck in the side of the boat, but then as the pirate sat up to deliver a final blow, Clodius stepped up and cut his head from his shoulders.

The adventurers found two chests in that boat, one full of silver, the other full of electrum and gems.

In the other boat, Feng Ying discovered a beautiful young girl the pirates had taken prisoner.

To be continued...

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