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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Scandalous Gossip And Rumours (2)

Also overheard in The Green Dragon in Portown:

"But Goodwife Noggin, if the king wants an heir that bad, surely there is some incantation that can be said over Queen Arabeth to make her with child?"

"Know you nothing, Master Tomas? Children born through magical assistance are always wrong. The white arts are good for many things, but the birthing of children remains in the hands of The Creator."

Friday, 19 September 2008

Scandalous Gossip And Rumours (1)

Overheard in The Green Dragon in Portown:

"'Tis said King Ludwig of Mejia is angry that Queen Arabeth cannot give him an heir..."

"'Tis the will of Dydax!"

"Aye, but 'tis also said that there are those in court who would wish the king take a new bride!"

"A pox on them! Marriage is for life; 'tis the will of Dydax and The Creator."

"So say we all!"

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Chapter Two: The Portown Tunnels And The Battle On The Beach...

Back at The Green Dragon Inn in Portown, Red The Ranger awoke to discover - very amusingly - that the rest of the party had left for the dungeon without him. However, it didn't take him long to discover the trail of donkey droppings through the underground corridors that led towards his fellow adventurers.

On the way, he was met by the fighter Teffle, bodyguard of Zenopus, who asked him to pass on the message that his master had decided to take the group up on their offer of assistance.

Red found his colleagues in the next room and after much debate they decided to find out what Zenopus had to offer.

The adventurers returned to the room where they had first met the wizard and he explained that pirates were using the caves at the edge of his underground lair as their base and they had stolen some of his treasure. The 'heroes' negotiated to retrieve it for a 10 per cent cut.

Zenopus pointed them in the general direction and asked them to bring the treasure back to his tower.

Heading through the corridors, the adventurers managed to tangle with a giant snake at the bottom of Zenopus' tower, discover a raging underground river, have a scuffle with a giant crab on the banks of said river (Clodius hit it with his lantern - the groups' only light source, then Feng Ying quite spectacularly managed to flip it onto its back and crack it open before Gregor delivered the coup de grĂ¢ce).

The fight with the crab alerted the pirates in the adjacent cavern, which opened out to the sea, and a major fight ensued as the two groups clashed.

Our heroes were virtually falling over themselves to get into the scrap.

Then when there was only one pirate left (guarding their two jolly boats further up the beach) Red engaged him in furious man-to-man combat - having brought him down with a thrown spear.

The two fought furiously in the bottom of one of the boats, Red losing his dagger when it got stuck in the side of the boat, but then as the pirate sat up to deliver a final blow, Clodius stepped up and cut his head from his shoulders.

The adventurers found two chests in that boat, one full of silver, the other full of electrum and gems.

In the other boat, Feng Ying discovered a beautiful young girl the pirates had taken prisoner.

To be continued...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Prelude 3: Origin Stories...Gregor

Man-mountain is one way to describe Gregor! Large and imposing, hard and resolute, thunderously loud and aggressive like a storm in the mountains, quiet and gentle like the summer breeze in dense highland valleys.

Pale skinned with a crop of short red hair standing 6’8” tall and wide as an ox. Many parts of the blue-blooded behemoth are covered in blue tattoos of the nature lore he was brought up with.

Gregor hails from the colder temperate lands of Tekralh. Raised by his human grandparents after being abandoned by his mother at an early age (shamed of the unspoken union), Gregor learnt about nature’s way – its power, its cruelty and its beauty.

The clan of Cragnathic soon accepted Gregor and by his sixteenth year he had competed in the regional games at both a physical and spiritual level, champion in all.

Mentored by his paternal grandfather, high druid of Cragnathic, Gregor has undertaken a 10-year journey to explore strange new lands, seek out new lore, flora and fauna – above, on and below this world.

Accompanied by Billy, his faithful badger, Gregor optimistically sets out on a fresh adventure. Friend for life, enemy forever - just don’t piss him off!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Prelude 2: Origin Stories...Red

On nights spoken only in the whispered secrets of the Druids of Norll, the Master of the Game selects those that will one day ride with The 30.

Boys, without imperfection are identified by his shadowy minions and the gifts of an acorn and a silver scale are given in trust to the parents.

He is given no name, but seven years are spent where boy and seed are nurtured in love. And on another nameless night the agents return to plant both in the wild.

In an ancient ceremony the sapling is planted in the Grove of Justice within Mound, the scales are exchanged for a sizeable pension for the family and the boy begins his arduous training.

Every game needs rules, and rules need to be enforced. It is the sacred duty of The 30 to bring justice within the great game of life. It is in the wilderness that sapling grows into mighty oak; in storm lashed mountain ranges boys become men.

By the age of 10 the boy can ride even the wildest stallion, by 12 he can use bow and spear to hunt boar, by 14 he can track and hunt the black wolf.

As he grows in stature he is taught to love, discern and administer justice in all things.

At 16 one last task befalls the boy before he can become one of The 30. He is given his name and a sacred task: he must undertake the challenge of Oak and Fire. He must depart Mound and wander the world until he fulfils a task of justice worthy of The 30.

Then, and only then, will another of the Master’s agents find him and add him to the roster. Each of The 30 can tell a tale of a great justice delivered and when a new Ranger is added to their number his story is told in the Grove of Justice where his story is joined with the others.

The 30's job entrails tracking down very powerful criminals and bandits, or patrolling the borders of Norll. They are known to ride bare back on light horses, only resting when the horses need to.

Red is a 21-year-old human male who stands 6' tall with long red hair tied behind his back. His name was the one he bore as a sapling but he asked the 'masters' if he could adopt it as his own, for no other reason that it fitted.

He looks weather beaten but his eyes and smile give some indication of the huge capacity for generosity that lies in his heart.

An optimistic young man by nature, the most obvious characteristic - other than his weathered looks - is his desire to do the right thing in all situations.

He knows his destiny is to ride with The 30 but does not talk about this, except to his closest friends. For now it may take him 10, 15, or 20 years to complete the trial of Oak and Fire, but complete it he will; proving he is worthy of his calling.
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