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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Chapter One: The Adventure Begins - The Portown Tunnels...

(10 Jester In the Year 3208) 'Twas an autumn afternoon in the coastal enclave of Portown in Ouesterland of The Five Kingdoms and our adventurers - the gnomish monk Feng Ying, the human fighter Clodius (with Faith the donkey in tow) and the half-orc druid Gregor (with his pet badger, Billay) - had left the comfort of The Green Dragon Inn to venture down into the dungeons under the ruins that overlook the town.

Legend had it that the wizard Zenopus had built a mighty tower a century ago, but after 50 years it fell into ruin when he supposedly "summoned a great demon". Locals believed the site, next to Portown's graveyard and the ruins of an older town, was haunted and eventually leveled the tower with a mighty catapult.

Other brave souls have dared the subterranean corridors, but those who have returned reported only empty rooms.

Our heroes soon discovered this was not the case when Clodius awoke four animated skeletons and a vicious fight erupted, with Febg Ying taking more than his fair share of sword blows.

Disappointed to find the undead had no treasure the party next stumbled upon Zenopus himself and his bodyguard.

After hasty attempts to sell their services to the wizard, the party backed away and took a different course through the dungeon - ending up in a waste tip, where they were 'ambushed' by giant rats.

Faith the donkey bore the brunt of the rodent onslaught, even though the vermin were quickly disposed of.

To be continued...

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